Top Heroine Vedhika Beautiful special Morning workout in gym Fitness |...

Top Heroine Vedhika Beautiful special Morning workout in gym Fitness | Cinema Politics .... 🔥 Download your FREE report today 20 Foods That Increase Testosterone and Growth Hormone levels NATURALLY and look forward to MORE testosterone 🔥 👉 Click the link in my bio 👉
You all want more testosterone don’t you?
More testosterone builds muscle, burns fat and allows you to perform in the bedroom 😊
Testosterone decline will make you fatter and you won’t build ANY muscle.
This is because testosterone up regulates hormones such as Lipo Protein Lipase (LPL) and Hormone Sensitive Lipase (HSL) in the direction of making you leaner vs making you fatter.
We deal with more chronic stress than our ancestors did, most of which our bodies were not designed for and it shows.
Our ancestors weren’t stressed about staying up late and answering emails.
They didn’t put toxic chemicals under their armpits to get rid of that human smell.
Our environment is robbing us of a lot of the nutrients minerals microbial defences that used to come into our diet by default, the light from the electronics has an effect on our melatonin levels which disrupts sleep.
This in turn increases cortisol and reduces testosterone.
We also eat more processed food than before.
All these factors contribute to lower your testosterone.
You have less testosterone than your fathers did at the same age.
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